Artist Statement

I like to use a soft, organic color palette with an unexpected dash of brightness and the occasional sparkle of glitter, silver, or gold in my illustrations, paintings, and calligraphy. My aesthetic expresses warmth, comfort, and a delightful energy. There is muted contrast, no conflict to struggle through, just a vision of whimsy, tranquility and joyfulness. I like to engage the senses with gentle color while simultaneously creating a beautiful vision that warms you from the inside – reminiscent of a cuddly, warm blanket or lovie on a sunny but windy blue-sky, fluffy-cloud day. It’s about expressing serenity, beauty, and love in the simplest form.

All Designs by Erica McPhee

August Design
Christmas Card design
birthday card greeting
name in Spencerian
December butterfly
Jan Moth design
May Moth Design
Love Prevails Greeting Card
Greeting designs
Flourish Forum logo
Clear Eyes Full Hearts
March Moth Design
Feb Moth
September Moth
Calligraphy CRUSH magazine logo
November Moth Design
October Moth Design
July Moth Design
Mercedes Benz Banner
Dave's outdoor kitchen logo
happy christmas
practice kindness

Need Something Custom?

Looking for custom calligraphy, greetings, design, or even a logo? I would love to work with you. Just drop me a message with some small details about your project and I will get back to you.

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